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Serving Southern Arizona

QFlix provides DIRECTV to Maravilla Apartments in Glendale, Arizona.

DIRECTV and QFlix Internet Service at Sedona Pointe Apartments in Tucson, Arizona

QFlix Internet at Cambridge Village Apartments in Tucson, Arizona.

Who We Are and What We're Building

QFlix's original idea was to provide DVDs for rent at local corner stores, but the opportunity arose of becoming a DIRECTV dealership providing television services to apartment complexes and we ran with that.

Quickly we realized that apartment complexes had a greater challenge of providing sufficient broadband to its tenants as the streaming revolution took hold. We organically designed a network to provide low cost reliable internet to apartments. The solution has proven reliable and has been successful, but albeit with limited results.

Ultimately, we learned that internet connectivity to the World is a very local experience and are growing to try and provide a one stop shop for internet services to anyone, anywhere in the nation. We are continuing to add service providers throughout the nation as we grow.

QFlix will continue to be flexible with the changing technology, as things in this industry change fast.


Packages and Pricing

Here at QFlix, we strive to save our customers time and money. With our low monthly prices, we make it easier for you to do so. See our packages and pricing below.


Q.All (Complimentary)

Our basic package:

10 Mbps/ 4 Mbps

Recommended for 1-2 devices

Q.Beyond ($10)

Our mid-level package:
25 Mbps/ 4 Mbps
Recommended for 3-4 devices
Small Families

Q.Excel ($20)

Our highest level package:

100 Mbps/ 50 Mbps

Recommended for 6+ devices

Work from home


DIRECTV via Internet (Streaming)

Are you interested in DIRECTV Stream via Internet? Click below to find out more about your offers!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my internet speeds in my apartment?

Reach out to our Support team via call or text at (520) 900-7785 with your name, apartment and apartment number. We will be happy to assist you.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my DIRECTV programming?

Contact DIRECTV customer service at 888-356-1685, or by accessing your DIRECTV account overview online. Upgrades or downgrades do not go into effect until the next billing cycle.

What free streaming services are available to me?

There are many free and discounted streaming services that are available to anyone around the country. Some of our favorites are: Freevee, PlutoTV, LocalNow, Plex, SlingTV, Peacock and many more!

Contact Us

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, please reach out to dispatch a technician to your location.